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Barbers and Stylist are offering higher ticket items and services to increase their income.  The Male Hair Replacement unit is one of the most in demand services with the most profitable return.  The problem???  There are not enough skilled barbers and stylist out here who know how to perform this technique . Stop leaving money on the table and take your career to the next level. Get trained TODAY!

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One of the best parts about this extremely specialized service is that you will have a niche skill that will uniquely set you apart and give you a competitive edge in the industry. Wondering how your clients will afford it???  In some instances your clients can file claims with their insurance companies to have the service covered. It helps relieve your clients stress and worry about coming up with the money themselves. This increases the number of potential clients who are able to receive your services.  So what are you waiting for?


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Training Institute

Mancave 4hair

Mancave4Hair is the industries 1st and most exclusive hair line for Ethnic Men. We offer basic and advanced training techniques via online video tutorials and live classes. 


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Salon Purity, Raleigh NC

Marissa Bagley

The online hair replacement course with The Hair Dynasty Institute was amazing! My instructor and his ability to simplify such an intricate procedure was great. If you're looking to increase your revenue as a barber or stylist you should definitely enroll today!

Houston, TX

Jarnara Clifford

At first I was worried about taking a class that was online because I’m a hands on type of learner and new to the hair industry. But after taking one hands on course I left not being able to remember ALL of which I had learned! So I took the online training module by Hair Dynasty Institute And was able to watch my training video over and over again...until I got it! I was thoroughly pleased by my instructor and his knowledge about hair loss conditions and replacement options.

Owner Of Double Platinum Barbershop

DJ Gucci Platano

Taking the class has taken me from already being pretty busy to the point where im nonstop booked! D style (Darell) has been the person that has helped me thru it all. From long talks on different techniques and how we could improve. He is not just an instructor but a mentor! Lastly I have access to The Kings Hair Collection at a discounted price for taking the course. It’s like a one stop shop!



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  • Coaching

    Free Session

    $199 value

    FREE 1-1 coaching session by a hair replacement expert master barber.

  • Private Group

    Access to Online Group

    $500 value

    This group is a place for Barbers and Stylists to converse, ask questions, share ideas and GROW! Once you have taken our training course this group will benefit you to connect with other business professionals who are taking their income to the next level with hair replacement services.

  • Exclusive Discounts

    Male Hair Units


    Once you have completed training, you will need access to high quality hair replacement stock units, hair, and products for your clients. The hair should look and feel natural. The Mancave4Hair is your one stop shop for all of your hair replacement needs! Visit to use your unique discount code upon completion of your course.